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> Can you please send the original book (PDF)?
> is it downloadable from somewhere?

The book is not uploaded in the public domain.  I shall share the pdf with
you privately.


> *Best Regards,*
> *Krishna Kashyap*
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>> The uniqueness of the Madhva system
>> Sri Balagaru Srinivasacharya in his book 'Manimanjari Vaibhava'
>> On page 45 of the Sanskrit part says:
>> (Here is a brief Kannada translation. See its original Sanskrit in the
>> image below)
>> // In the Madhva faith, the world is real, Hari is the Supreme,
>> Mukhyaprana
>> is the Jagadguru, Three types among the living beings, salvation is only
>> for the noble jivas, the evil jivas are censurable, those who hate Hari
>> and
>> Vayu are to be abused because it is the means to salvation (in the Madhva
>> system)...the determination of the deity-hood of Madhvacarya, etc. is
>> necessary.
>> Also the determination of the demonic nature of other (non-Madhva)
>> philosophers like Shankara is also necessary. However in the non-Madhva
>> systems there is no such requirement for the determination of the deity
>> nature (devata svarupa) of their Acharyas and the demonic nature (daitya
>> svabhava) of their opponent Acharyas for attaining the purushartha like
>> Moksha. //
>> Thus the author has asserted the uniqueness of the Madhva system (the
>> determination of the devilish nature of other philosophers) by saying that
>> there is no need to do so in other non-Madhva schools.
>> And on page 58-59 he quotes some supposed verses from the Skanda Purana -
>> from which he asserts Shankaracharya's demonic nature and the demonic
>> nature of all other philosophers.
>> Thus, except for their Acharyas, all the 21 Ku-bhasyakaras including
>> Ramanuja, are daityas, of demonic nature as per the Madhva system. He has
>> also said that such abuse is a sine qua non for salvation in the Madhva
>> system.
>> This book was published in 2003.
>> It may also be noticed that Narayana Pandita, commenting on his own Madhva
>> Vijaya (a biography of Madhvacharya), has named the 21 ku-bhashyakara-s,
>> where Shankara and Ramanuja are included among others.
>> Jagannatha Dasa, in his Harikathamruta saara, a Kannada poetic work, has,
>> at the beginning, declared that all pre-Madhva commentators of the Brahma
>> sutra, 21 of them, are 'ati duraatma's (extremely wicked). The commentary
>> to this lists the 21 including Ramanuja and Shankara.
>> Om
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