[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Wipe Out the Ego and Inherit Your Bliss

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Tue Jan 2 17:23:23 EST 2024

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Our forefathers have shown many ways by which man can 
sanctify his life. These include faith and devotion towards the 
Lord, worship, selfless actions and association with noble people. 
If man included these as part of his daily life, then bliss and 
calm will be his. However, the greatest impediment to this is 
man’s ego. 
If man suppresses his ego and performs actions, much good will 
befall him and everyone around. “I have accomplished this task. 
Who else can do it? There is none equivalent to me”--if he thinks 
like this and acts, he must remember that he alone must face the 
That is why the ego is man’s enemy; it is a thorn in the neck. 
तस्मादहङ्कारमिमं स्वशत्रुं भोक्तर्गले कण्टकवत्प्रतीतम्‌ ।
विच्छिद्य विज्ञानमहासिना स्फुटं भुङ्‌क्ष्वात्मसाम्राज्य सुखं यथेष्टम्‌ ॥
The jnani’s advice is: “Slay the ego with the sword of wisdom 
and be heir to the indescribable bliss within.” 
Understanding this well and curbing the ego is in itself a great 
spiritual practice for advancement.
June 2017

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