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Namaste Raghav ji,

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> Namaste Venkataraghavan ji
> Can there be example of jnAnAdhyAsa without arthAdhyAsa?

Yes, there can in my opinion, like in the case of the redness of a crystal,
where no new redness is created, it is simply the transference of the
perceived redness of the flower onto the crystal. The doctrine of
anirvachanIya khyAti postulates the utpatti of an artha only where such an
artha does not exist there to make perceptual contact with the senses. When
the artha exists there in perceptual contact (like the flower's redness),
there is no need to postulate the creation of a new redness. Please see the
archives, Sri Chandramouli and I discussed this a few months ago.

Can we say a
> visual or auditory hallucination (of the type that's unconstitutional as in
> schizophrenia a la "The Beautiful Mind" for example)?
I can't say for sure because I don't know how auditory hallucination or
schizophrenia manifest, but to the extent that there is perception involved
(even illusory) and the object of perception is not present, one can assume
the creation of an illusory object.


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