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Hare Krishna

. If the dream-book says the dream to be non-dream, then that is rejectable.

>  Here point to be noted is, dream book says to the dreamer within the dream that there are three Avastha-s daily we are experiencing and one is waking, another is dreaming and dreamless sleep as well.  Here dream book is not saying dream is not dream but saying there is some avasthA apart from dream and that is waking,  that is where dream book speaking of Ishwara srushti, Ishwara krupe, saadrushyam of dream & waking states, objects in waking state having the paramArtha satya as its base whereas dreams are mere vAsana of waking state etc. etc.  you call it waking or dreaming in that state only we are talking about other states accepting that we are not aware that we are beyond the three states, hence there is shAstra and there is jnana etc.  Due to your special affiliation  with dream state you are telling master dream and in that sub-dreams etc. whereas those who are more practical about it saying there are waking, dreaming and deep sleep states.  Holding that particular state where we are in and taking about other two states, so it is nothing but 'aLiya alla magala ganda' (he is Not my son-in-law but he is my daughter's husband) type of assertions both from wakers and dreamers 😊  For example your last statement : 

Dream-X can very well prove dream-hood of dream to dream-Y by taking help of dream-YV. There is no illogicality here

Can also be said like : Waking X very well prove his waking hood of waking state to waking Y by taking the help of waking YV in waking state.  And he also can talk about some other state like dream, dream-X and dream Y who are talking about dream- YV like sudhAnshu and bhAskar talking here in waking/dream 😊 There is no illogicality here.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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