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Sudhanshu Shekhar sudhanshu.iitk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 02:34:26 EST 2023


// I find it odd that an "unreal" snake can cause a "real"

We mistook a rope for a snake in the dream and jumped in fear in the dream.
Later we realized in the dream that it was a rope and felt peaceful in the
dream. (1) Neither the snake was real (2) nor the rope was real (3) nor was
the jumping real (4) nor was the subsequent peace real.

It is the unreal causing unreal as waking is identical to dream. The unreal
shAstra removes unreal avidyA. The unreal dream-tiger removes unreal-dream.

The reality is aloof from all this. It remains situated in its own glory.

One may refer to Yoga VAsisTha 3.101 for more elaboration on this.

Sudhanshu Shekhar.

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