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 Dear Sri Vikram Jagannathan,
Mother Sruti points out the TRUTH thus:
(1) satyamjnanam anantam Brahma || Taittariya 2-1

(2) sarvagaMhi Etad brahma ayamAtmA brahma || 

                                         Mandukya Mantra 2

 (3)ahamEvEdagam   sarvam ||Chandogya 7-25-1

(4)AtmaivEdagaM  sarvam  || Chandogya 7-25-2

(5)Atmata EvEdagM sarvam || Chandogya 7-26-1

(6)brahmaivEdagM viSvaM  variShTham || muMDaka 

(7) yat sAkShAt aparOkShAt brahma yaH ya AtmA sarvAntaraH

(8)prapaMcOpaSamam  Sivam   advaitam  caturtham 


         sa  AtmA sa  VijnEyaH || Mandukya mantra 7 
Conclusionsdrawn in the light of the above quoted mantras:
Atma is one'strue nature, which is actually present here and now 
because I ampresent here and now. This fact can never be refuted.
According tothe above mantras “I am ananta i.e. infinite.”

These teachingscan also be included in your list of your understanding.

Withrespectful namaskars,


    On Monday, 25 December, 2023 at 04:46:34 am IST, Vikram Jagannathan <vikkyjagan at gmail.com> wrote:  
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Vikramji -PraNAms
Enjoyed reading your crisp itemized list. 
It would be complete if you added two aspects of avidya - aavarana and vkshepa aspects, and which one gets eliminated with Vedanta janita vidya. 
Hari Om!Sadananda

Namaskaram Acharya Shri Sadananda ji,
Definitely! I missed calling out that the earlier set of 50 points was just an initial list for discussion and agreement. Thought that we will go deeper and cover more points of fundamental Advaita as we align on these first. Avarana and vikshepa aspects of avidya will be an important component of the next list. Thanks a lot for your review and words of encouragement.
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