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Sun Dec 24 08:08:21 EST 2023

Shri Vikram Jagannathan JI,
Namaskarams and Kudos to you, Sir, for the excellent and clear pointwise
unambiguous listing of the fundamental approach that Advaita takes in its

I wish to make two observations, if you do not mind:

i)  A Deletion suggested:

Under the itemized list at # 12 is the sentence: "The universe
of plurality, the viseshanas & sakthis of savisesha Brahman, snake on a rope,
rope itself, mirage, double-moon are all examples of this mithya category. "
In the well-known 'snake-on-the-rope' analogy,  rope stands for the
formless and featureless *brahman* Itself. Therefore, I submit that the
words "rope itself" may be deleted.

ii)  Two Additions suggested:

(a)   In the "adhyAsa bhAShya," bhAShyakAra Shankara himself expresses why
or when "adhyAsa" does arise.
"The unattached Self (brahman) cannot become a cognizer with the activity
of perception etc., without accepting the senses, mind and body are Its

(b)  "The Self (brahman) is not absolutely beyond apprehension, because It
is apprehended as the content of the concept "I"; and is self-revealing

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