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> What is this "waking up" to higher truth. Dream and waking are identical is
> proved by logic. MANDUkya does that. AItareya proclaims that. Even without
> realizing that, the logical conclusion is for one and all -- there is no
> difference between waking and dream. Not even a bit of difference.
Your argument is not logical.

Waking state is superior and certainly there are valid reasons to attribute
a higher reality to the waking, To list few;

1. The very pramANa you are invoking to prove your point, such as MANDUkya,
AItareya etc. shrutis, which do exist only in the waking state! Your own
pramANas disproves you and proves otherwise! Waking  state is indeed

2.   You allude to abAdhita-artha of 2+2=4 in dreams. But such
abAdhitatva comes only because 2=2=4 is valid in waking to begin with.
Other way is not the case. Vision seen in dreams such as you becoming the
King does not have any abAdhitatva in waking. Hence, yathAartha jnyAna (not
just artha as you hold) in waking state determines abAdhitatva of all artha
in dreams. Not the other way. Hence the waking state is indeed superior!

3.  Dream state is pervaded by the waking state. Dreaming is indeed an
event in waking reality with specific kAla-dEsha. Its creations are
dependent on vasana of waking state. Dream is finally brought to a stop by
the reality of the waking state, such as alarm ringing etc. It is not
otherway, you cannot go into (or wake up to) dream by a dream alarm. This
asymmetry proves waking and dreaming are not the same. Hence the waking
state is indeed superior!


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