[Advaita-l] Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 17

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(Continued from previous post)
Q90. प्राणादपि को रम्यः?
What gives more joy than life itself?
A90. कुलधर्मः साधुसंगश्च ।
One’s duty, executed according to family traditions,
and the company of good and saintly people.
Q91. का संरक्ष्या?
What should be protected with all efforts?
Q91. कीर्तिः पतिव्रता नैज बुद्धिश्च |
Good reputation, a faithful wife and intelligent discrimination.
Q92. का कल्पलता लोके? 
In this world, what is the plant that satisfies all desires?
A92. सच्छिष्यायार्पिता विद्या ।
Knowledge given to a good and sincere student.
Q93. कोऽक्षयवटवृक्षस्यात्?
What is the eternal banyan tree?
A93. विधिवत् सत्पात्रदत्तं दानं यत् |
A gift offered to a worthy person, from one who has
knowledge and understanding.
(To be Continued)

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