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sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Dec 10 00:32:27 EST 2023

Respected members,
   Mother Sruti declares :
YatranAnyat paSyati nAnyat SRuNOti nAnyat

            vijAnAti sa BUmA || Chandogya 7-24-1

SatyaM  jnAnaM anantam  brahma || TaittarIya 2-1

sarvagM hyEtadbrahma  ayamAtmA  

                brahma|| ManDukya Mantra 2

brahmaivEdagM viSvaM  variShTham || muMDaka 2-2-12

sa EvEdagM sarvaM || Chandogya 7-25-1

ahamEvEdagam  sarvam || Chandogya 7-25-1

AtmaivEdagaM  sarvam  || Chandogya 7-25-2

Atmata EvEdagM sarvam || Chandogya 7-26-1

prapaMcOpaSamam  Sivam   advaitam  caturtham manyantE

       sa  AtmA sa  VijnEyaH || Mandukya mantra 7

>From the above quoted mantras it follows that

Aham which is myself and which is HERE and NOW

is  BUmA, Atman, Brahman. And also I amanantam and advaitam.

 I am HERE & NOW.

Hence where nAnuis there which is HERE & NOW,

There is no second thing besides me which can beseen,

Which can be heard or which can be thought about.

So I AM advaitatattva.

This is the only conclusion one that can be drawnfrom the above quoted Sruti mantras.
I request the the very well versed Scholars in Vedanta 
to ponder over the implications of these mantrasand show how what has been stated in these mantras is a fact of life.
This litmus test to all the great scholars of this group.

With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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