[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Complete Surrender to the Lord Saves even a Sinner

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Sat Dec 2 22:10:52 EST 2023

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It is only to ensure our welfare at all times that the sages of yore 
have authored many Sastras, Itihasas and Puranas. There is no 
doubt that a person who understands the import of these texts at 
least to some extent, and lives in accordance, will benefit by them. 
However, some people express doubt saying, "I have committed 
many sins. Even if I were to act now in conformity with the 
Hitopadesas, how can I be saved?” 
In this regard, Lord Krishna says in the Gita: 
अपि चेत्सुदुराचारो भजते मामनन्यभाक्‌ |
साधुरेव स मन्तव्यः सम्यग्व्यवसितो हि सः ॥
The Lord has thus assured us that even those who commit misdeeds 
will be considered noble if they repent fully and reform and then 
worship him with unwavering devotion. He who suffers a guilty 
conscience for his past misdeeds and undergoes the necessary 
repentance, cultivating an unflinching devotion to God, will 
eventually become fit to receive the grace of the all-merciful Lord. 
As he continues to walk the dharmic path, he attains peace. 
We must always remember the Lord’s assurance in the Gita— 
कौन्तेय प्रतिजानीहि न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति |
Therefore, no one must waste his life cursing himself “an 
ungrateful wretch” or “a sinner who cannot be saved” and so on. 
The Lord's compassion is boundless! He will forgive and accept any 
one who sincerely repents and submits to him. 
Our blessings for all to understand this well and surrender to the Lord.
October 2017

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