[Advaita-l] looking for a comparative study on these two topics

Krishna Kashyap kkashyap2011 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 00:46:01 EDT 2023

Namaste  everyone:

looking for a comparative study on these two topics
1) substance attribute relationship in Advaita and comparison with other
vedantic schools
or in other words "guna-guni bhava" or "dharma-dharmi bhava"

2) dictionary meaning of sublate is: sublated; sublating

transitive verb <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/transitive>
: NEGATE <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/negate>, DENY
: to negate or eliminate (something, such as an element in a dialectic
process) but preserve as a partial element in a synthesis
what is sublatability? Sat is defined as that which is not-sublatable. I
need a serious in depth explanation of what sublatability is?
Is adhyaropa apavada some kind of step-by-step process of sublation?
Are there just 2 levels of reality mainly  (vyavaharika and paramarthika)
in advaita?
If so, does adhyaropa apavada, or even neti neti process accept many levels
of reality since one level is sublated to get to the other?
Or it will be a flat acceptance of the same level of reality for all
experiences within the realm of vyavaharika satya (or duality of some
kind). Let me clarify this further. if someone says he had an experience of
a deity and such a deity appeared in front of him and gave him some ananda
or bliss right here. Is this in the same level of reality as
experiencing some other experience like flying or bungy jumping which is
supposed to give some kind of a kick?  In other words are there different
levels of reality ascribed to different experiences which are somewhat
spiritual right here in this world: for example, Thiru jnana Sambandar it
seems was fed milk by divine mother Parvati. Is that experience as unreal
as any other experience here (within the sphere of relative reality)? Is
the experience of Saguna brahman in some way,  and the experience of a good
movie here, at the same level of reality? (relatively real but absolutely
unreal? or non existing like an imaginary snake superimposed on a rope?)

FYI, I teach mata-traya at the Hindu University of America. I am collecting
true referenceable information that is justifiable and is derived from
authentic works of vedanta starting from the pioneering founder Acharyas
and later ones too.


*Best Regards,*

*Krishna Kashyap*

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