[Advaita-l] akhandakara vritti, brahmakara vritti, atmakara vritti or ahamkara vritti

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Sat Apr 1 07:09:40 EDT 2023

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> // Last sentence in this statement is not correct //

> Very possible.  Please provide the correct answer.
> --
> Namaste.

I am not aware what was intended to be conveyed.

However, following was mentioned earlier in your post.

//  ahamakara chitta vrtti is the easy one.  It is just the normal mental
state where one identifies with the mind and body //,

As a followup on this, I can suggest replacing the statement under
consideration with the following.

//  This is the Brahmakara vrtti.  For an Advaitin this is the same as

atmakara vrtti. This destroys the identification (तादात्म्य  tAdAtmya) with
mind obtaining earlier, which is the cause of samsAra,  thereby leading to
its (samsAra) cessation  //.

If this does not reflect what was intended by you, please disregard the

> Regards

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