[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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Hare Krishna

May I use an analogy here so that it's easier to understand for me. 

>  Analogies are good to understand the vishaya but at the same time we should be aware that loukika analogies have their own limitations and should not be stretched beyond its intended intention.  

Is it like when one has just learnt to swim. Then there's the feeling that "yes" one can swim. But that feeling has to be explored by staying in the water and then getting comfortable there till one is confident that one is a swimmer.

>  once he realized that he is a perfect ( here perfection means a perfectionist's perfection ) swimmer and once he has the complete mastery over 'complete'  swimming skills, he does not have to do anything after that to identify him as a 'swimmer'.  He just stays there without any conscious effort from his side to be as a perfect swimmer.   

Is this process being considered as Jnananistatha?

>  as I said above, loukika drushtAnta has its limitation, here in this drushtAnta a perfect swimmer may have the chances of drowning in strong current or whirlpools and he has to be cautious to exercise his swimming skills to save himself!!...but here a jnAnanishTa ( a paripUrNa jnAni) just stays in his 'own' state without exercising his conscious effort.  He does not have to do anything after realizing his svarUpa jnana as he is krutakrutya.  In the vijnAya prajnAm kurveeta bhAshya,  bhAshyakAra explicitly explains why jnAnanishtatha is NOT apUrva vidhi / prasankhyAna and how it is sahaja (natural) in jnAnanishTa.  Here jnana what we are talking is eka rUpa/eka rasa there is no gradation or ranking in this jnana.  And jnAnanishTa-s are not different from one another like engineering graduates.  Some argue that though all are engineering graduates, there is gradation in their individual capability to show or realizing their engineering skills!! Likewise, though there is uniform brahma jnana in each and every jnAni,  there is gradations in jnAni-s like brahmavidvara, vareeya, varishTa etc.  due to their respective prArabdha karma, avidyA lesha and the method they adopt to return from samAdhi to normal state. By the way, they unwarrantedly relate the experience of nirvikalpa samAdhi with advaita's adviteeya jnana.   There are ample quotes and narrations that we can see in somany Advaita prakaraNa grantha-s with regard to this like JMV, VC and PD.  But these type of extra-ordinary claims narrated in prakaraNa-s find no place in bhagavatpAda's prasthAna traya bhAshya.  bhAshyakAra quite clear when he declares that : muktyAvasthA hi sarva vedAnteshu ekarupaiva avadhAryate, brahmaivacha muktyAvasthA, na cha brahmaNaH anekAkAra yOgO asti.  jnAni is jnana svarUpa only, one who ralizes brahman become brahman only (brahma vidApnOti paraM, brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati says shruti), he is no more encompassed in his erstwhile BMI to say there are gradations in jnAnanishTa-s.  

>  BTW, JMV as a prakaraNa grantha could have been avoided in the Advaita syllabus to understand Advaita opines Arsha Vidya Gurukula founder Sri DNS.  One Sri Sugavanam Krishna, a teacher in AVGK observes this in FB's write-ups.  Just FYI.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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