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now I have more confusion about Pramana :-)
I think I have been using or understanding the term as a layman
without understanding its implications and deeper connotations.
I will study the link provided by Sadanandaji.

Shri Gurubhyo Namaha 🙏
Om Namo Narayanaya,

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> Namaste Anandji,
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> >
> > If we take the example of I see smoke on the mountain, so I infer there
> may
> > be a fire. When I start moving towards the mountain, I notice that it is
> > actually mist rising.
> > Here Anumana is then corrected by Pratyaksha. That's what I was trying to
> > say when I meant one Pramana was not enough. Maybe this is technically
> > wrong when one is
> > using the word Pramana. Please correct me.
> >
> In your example, to be precise, anumAna was not really corrected, as it was
> based on false pratyakSha of smoke, so that false pratyakSha is corrected
> by right pratyakSha of mist later. I get what you meant to say though.
> However, what I wanted to stress is that one may not be sure as to which
> pramANa applies in a particular case, but there is only one pramANa
> applicable.
> However I think the importance of Rasa is
> > also to be seen. Otherwise we wouldn't have
> > Stotrams from Sannyasis or Gurus in beautiful Chandas, or songs composed
> by
> > them in different ragas etc.
> >
> My response was focused towards the usage of the word pramANa, the very
> subject line!  Something not being a pramANa doesn't undermine its
> importance in any way for the purposes it is meant. On a lighter note,
> svapna is no pramANa, but we do wish others "sweet dreams". :-)
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