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Namaste Anandji,

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> If we take the example of I see smoke on the mountain, so I infer there may
> be a fire. When I start moving towards the mountain, I notice that it is
> actually mist rising.
> Here Anumana is then corrected by Pratyaksha. That's what I was trying to
> say when I meant one Pramana was not enough. Maybe this is technically
> wrong when one is
> using the word Pramana. Please correct me.
In your example, to be precise, anumAna was not really corrected, as it was
based on false pratyakSha of smoke, so that false pratyakSha is corrected
by right pratyakSha of mist later. I get what you meant to say though.
However, what I wanted to stress is that one may not be sure as to which
pramANa applies in a particular case, but there is only one pramANa

However I think the importance of Rasa is
> also to be seen. Otherwise we wouldn't have
> Stotrams from Sannyasis or Gurus in beautiful Chandas, or songs composed by
> them in different ragas etc.

My response was focused towards the usage of the word pramANa, the very
subject line!  Something not being a pramANa doesn't undermine its
importance in any way for the purposes it is meant. On a lighter note,
svapna is no pramANa, but we do wish others "sweet dreams". :-)

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