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> Namaste.
> On the auspicious day of ekadashi, I am sharing an excellent video of
> bagavans leelas. The stotoram which is sung is the very famous damodara
> ashtakam.
> Here is the link-
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTRkpEx5VvE
> The video consists of bagavans leelas as chinni krishna. Verily the supreme

Very true. This one is in simple Sanskrit conversation mode, very nice to
watch and enjoy and also to teach children as rhyme:


Balakrishnam Bhaje

> paramatma known as Narayana who controls all the jeevas and entire prakriti
> acts as though he is a small child. In this way he attaches himself to our
> hearts and gives us moksha. What can be said about his grace?
> Namo Narayana
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