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> Namaskaram Putram Ji,
> Reg  <<  The statue-cognition for both jnani and ajnani is not simply due
> to adhyasa that has to vanish upon realizing I am seeing Stone only. It
> denotes a lower order of reality >>,
> I do not think as between stone and statue, there is any lower or higher
> Order of Reality, both represent the same rder of Reality for both jnAni
> and ajnAni. But in respect of a jnAni, both stone and statue are
> appearances only,lower Order of Reality, the Reality of both being Brahman
> which is the same as Atman, which is the *I* sense of him. That is what is
> meant by sarvAtmabhAva of a jnAni. For the ajnAni, both as stone as well as
> as statue, it is different from *him*, his *I* sense.


I think Sri Putran ji's idea behind the stone-statue analogy is this:

மரத்தை மறைத்தது மாமத யானை
மரத்தில் மறைந்தது மாமத யானை
பரத்தை மறைத்தன பார்முதல் பூதம்
பரத்தில் மறைந்தன பார்முதல் பூதமே

திருமூலர் 8-21
http://www.thevaaram.org/thirumurai_1/s ... rtLimit=21

(In a wooden statue of an elephant, the view of just the elephant and just
the wood, is possible for the respective viewer who may focus of either of
these where the other remains in the background. Similarly the pancha bhuta
prapancha 'conceals' the world and the proper view is where the prapancha
resolves in Brahman.)

Shankara has used the simile in his Svatmanirupanam:

दन्तिनि दारुविकारे दारु तिरोभवति सोऽपि तत्रैव |
जगति तथा परमात्मा परमात्मन्यपि जगत्तिरोधते || 28 ||

svAtmanirUpaNam (Page 94) Adi Sankara

https://books.google.co.in/books?id=F6i ... ru&f=false

This comparison was brought out by Maha Periava in his discourse on Adi
Sankara (Dec 23, 1957) published in Acharya's Call (Part 1) (Page 115-119)
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