[Advaita-l] Fwd: Atman, Ever the Present

Kaushik Chevendra chevendrakaushik at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 12:01:52 EST 2022

Namaste sir.

> Your reply has no bearing upon my questions.
> Whatever has to be accepted as truth only when verified in one's own
> anuBava.
The existence of isvara doesn't come by anubhava. Should he be denied? And
when you say that after anubhava only one should accept anything as truth
is not in line with the vaidika sampradaya. The phala of punya karma will
only come after death or in next janma, so will you deny the existence of
karma phala which is adristha and leave the Nithya and naimethika karma?
The realisation of Brahman as one's own self comes through shravana and
manana of the Shruthi vakyas such as "tatvam asi" etc. So the unshakable
faith in Shruthi and guru vakya presupposes the very realisation of the
I hope you understand the problem with your question.

Namo narayana


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