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  If due to some unavoidable circumstances,  this vrata not followed any prAyaschitta advised?? 

Sirji,         First There shouldn't be unavoidable circumstances for a Sanyasi (It can be there for a Gruhastha), There could be Pryaschitta Ceremonies and I will try to get more information on this from Varansi in my next visit there.
sanyasi cannot go back to gruhasthAshrama.

YES, Taking Sanyasa Deekhsa is one way ans there no cooming back to Grushtaasrama from there. If it so, It is Henious Crime, The reason to tell like this, During the Sanayasa Sweekara Ceremony, There is absolute cutting of all the materialsitc activites, The mantra jala was put for the mental/materalistic death and that coud be the reason the sanyasa sweekara is not by optional and it should be given rather than some one is opting.
Often we say , Suicide is crime (more than the Bhurana Hatya/ Intentional Abortion of the CHILD) resuting into punishment of full count and  you can't go forward from there. If some one wants to come back, they have to start from where they have started their original Jouney. It is something like Quitting the God's Oportunity/Order.
I feel Sanyasi comming back to Gruhasthasrama is  a Blunder resulting into more than the above what I said.
It is due to the fact that no one has asked you to take sanyasa asrama from Gruhasthasrama and it is the responisbility/Judgement  of that Guru also to give sanyasa deeksha to the needy person ans he should also make sure that his disciple do the chaturmasya vrata deeksha for the initial years (at least 5-10yrs) constanlty without any violations/exemptions.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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Hare Krishna
Thanks again for additional information.  If due to some unavoidable circumstances,  this vrata not followed any prAyaschitta advised??  And while on the subject what would be the praayaschitta for the Ashrama patita-s as we heard gurutalpa gamana is mahApAtaka and sanyasi cannot go back to gruhasthAshrama.  In the dashanAmi paddhati any prAyaschitta prescribed for the ArUdha patita-s?? 
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
Bhaskar YR


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