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Reg  <<  The buddhisamyoga in the verse is the samskAra of shravaNa etc
from the prior birth. Because of the samskAra from the prior birth, he
engages in more sAdhana now to attain the jnAna that he couldn't attain
before  >>,

Yes. That is right. His sadhana need not and does not start from the
beginning all over afresh. It can start from from where it had ended in
previous births. He can attain jnana through additional sadhana and
mahAvAkya shravaNa. But that does not mean he gets jnAna by recollection.

Sri Bhagavatpada specifically declares in a number of places that
Realization is instantaneous and coterminus with mahAvAkya shravaNa. For
example please refer Upadesha Sahasri, metric part, chapter 18, verses



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