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Thank you Subbuji for that reference. Going against the law or also current
cultural and social norms in lowering the marriageable age in order to
conform to earlier smEti interpretation, hardly seems likely to be a
response from even orthodox Acharyas today. Your reference gives a
rationale for such an expectation.


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> > An excellent answer sir. But please forgive me for raising another doubt.
> >
> > In whatever discourses I have read by the acharyas, they have stated that
> > the smriti texts shouldn't be changed and dharma remains constant as a
> rule
> > of isvara.
> > Its only through my fault, that I have probably misunderstood what they
> > have said.
> > Please explain how if the shastra cannot be changed with time, we can
> > adopt to the present day world.
> >
> I quote a passage from the (now unavailable book) The Crest Jewel of Yogis
> - First Volume, p.109:
> // In fact, it was Paramacharyal (HH Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati
> Mahasvamin) who Himself encouraged Acharyal (HH Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha
> Mahasvamin) to take a free and independent line of thinking in such matters
> in keeping with the need to cater to a changing and less orthodox society.
> .. //
> Hence it is the Guru that is most closely available to us at a given
> situation and time that has to be consulted in case of need for
> clarification and guidance.  Their writings, various incidents of
> devotees/seekers with such a Guru, etc will provide us the leads to
> solutions to our questions.  Such clarifications could also be
> seeker-specific and may not be universal.  This is how these things work.
> regards
> >
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