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> An excellent answer sir. But please forgive me for raising another doubt.
> In whatever discourses I have read by the acharyas, they have stated that
> the smriti texts shouldn't be changed and dharma remains constant as a rule
> of isvara.
> Its only through my fault, that I have probably misunderstood what they
> have said.
> Please explain how if the shastra cannot be changed with time, we can
> adopt to the present day world.

I quote a passage from the (now unavailable book) The Crest Jewel of Yogis
- First Volume, p.109:

// In fact, it was Paramacharyal (HH Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati
Mahasvamin) who Himself encouraged Acharyal (HH Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha
Mahasvamin) to take a free and independent line of thinking in such matters
in keeping with the need to cater to a changing and less orthodox society.
.. //

Hence it is the Guru that is most closely available to us at a given
situation and time that has to be consulted in case of need for
clarification and guidance.  Their writings, various incidents of
devotees/seekers with such a Guru, etc will provide us the leads to
solutions to our questions.  Such clarifications could also be
seeker-specific and may not be universal.  This is how these things work.



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