[Advaita-l] Dialogues with the guru.

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An excellent answer sir. But please forgive me for raising another doubt.

In whatever discourses I have read by the acharyas, they have stated that
the smriti texts shouldn't be changed and dharma remains constant as a rule
of isvara.
Its only through my fault, that I have probably misunderstood what they
have said.
Please explain how if the shastra cannot be changed with time, we can adopt
to the present day world.

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> On Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 9:24 PM Kaushik Chevendra <
> chevendrakaushik at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have tried to find if any discourses were given by present acharyas on
>> the situation but could not find any.
>> Shri vidyarirtha swamin has suggested to follow the shastra "to the
>> extent to which he can". But Shri chandrashekhara bharthi swamin in the
>> above conversation has stated that there will be negative consequences if
>> shastra isn't followed, and it's the persons choice wether he wishes to
>> accept the punishment of isvara or the present law.
> Dharma sukshma, nuances of dharma, aught to be known only through the
> words of the elders.  In the Taittiriya upanishad there is this advice to
> the departing student:  When in doubt about conduct in a given situation,
> seek the advice of the noble persons 'there' which means 'then' also.  So,
> time and place are mentioned here.  The persons who are considered dharmic
> in one's place and time should be sought out and asked.  So, an advice by
> the Upanishad is here that is valid for all time.  Shankara has said: The
> dharma of a particular time and place could well be adharma in another
> place and time.  So, the best way is to seek the advice of the noblemen 'in
> that place and that time' where/when the person in doubt lives.
> .

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