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SAdara praNAm,
*SAdhana panchakam* or *Upadesa panchakam* is considered to be the last
instructions of
Sankara BhagavadpAda.
In the last pAda of the second sloka comes the instruction "*sruthi siro
vAkyam samAkarnyathAm*"
The commentary given by SwAmi SachidAnandendra Saraswathy of Holenarsipur
reads: "Approach a master who has realised the truth and serve at his feet
day by day; learn for the attainment of the One imperishable Brahman and
heedfully listen to the holy teaching of the Upanishad"
Hope this is enough to clear the doubts.
*Prof. Sivakumar *

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> Dear friends,
> Has sanyasa to be taken up before taking up study of upanishadsor it has
> to be taken up after the successful completion of the
> study of Vedanta?
> What is the existing sampradya for this in the present times?
> Clarification for the above stated doubts is requested from the scholarly
> / learned members of this group.
> With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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