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Theoretically it should be taken up after studying Upanishads. First one learns Veda, then performs karmakanda and then contemplates upon the teaching of Veda before taking Sannyasa. 
Practically, vairagya is important. If one develops vairagya, one can renunciate. यदहनि विरहेत् तदहनि प्रव्रजेत्।

As per Sastra, Sannyasa is of two types - Vividisha sannyasa, where sannyasa is taken with a desire to know and Vidvat sannyasa, where one who knows Brahman renunciates the world. Since most who take sannyasa take the former, even if one has not read the Upanishads, their study can be taken up, as part of 'knowing'. 
Either way the guru who gives Sannyasa deeksha is the one who guides. Usually a cooling period of a few months to years is imposed before giving the deeksha. 
Also, permission of mother and wife is required, if they are alive.
This is the sampradaya that I have been told. 
  On Fri, 25 Jun 2021 at 5:54 pm, sreenivasa murthy via Advaita-l<advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:   Dear friends,
Has sanyasa to be taken up before taking up study of upanishadsor it has to be taken up after the successful completion of the 
study of Vedanta?
What is the existing sampradya for this in the present times?

Clarification for the above stated doubts is requested from the scholarly / learned members of this group.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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