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 I may not be entirely correct but I have been listening to the mandukya upanishad and Gaudpada’s karika for several months now and also studying it. The podcast is by Swami Tattvamayananda of Ramkrishna Mutt. He specifically says this karika was a an Advaitic response to Buddists and Atheists. Atheist in this context, in Vedanta, does not mean no-god but only they do not accept the authority of the Vedas. Therefore in his karika he sticks to reasoning only. The last prakarana, chapter?, in fact is all about the sankhya philosophy and other buddhist arguments denying the concept of a witness, or Brhmam

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 Is Athiesm the correct translation of the sense of the word in the Bhagavatam? Sometime the nuances get loost.Advaitha, as in the Mandukya upanishad, simply does not take the vedas as authority and forms the conclusion on reasoning alone.I dont know if it actually REJECTS the vedas.

The above is not a correct assessment of the Mandukya Upanishad/Karika.  The very name Upanishad must have alerted you.  The Karikas are named: 1. agama prakarana (Aagama means Veda) 2. Vaitathya 3.Advaita and 4. Alathashanti.
Even though in certain chapters reason would seem predominant, yet, those reasons are based on/conducive to the Veda.  There are shlokas that clearly paraphrase the upanishadic statements.
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