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>  Is Athiesm the correct translation of the sense of the word in the
> Bhagavatam? Sometime the nuances get loost.Advaitha, as in the Mandukya
> upanishad, simply does not take the vedas as authority and forms the
> conclusion on reasoning alone.I dont know if it actually REJECTS the vedas.

The above is not a correct assessment of the Mandukya Upanishad/Karika.
The very name Upanishad must have alerted you.  The Karikas are named: 1.
agama prakarana (Aagama means Veda) 2. Vaitathya 3.Advaita and 4.

Even though in certain chapters reason would seem predominant, yet, those
reasons are based on/conducive to the Veda.  There are shlokas that clearly
paraphrase the upanishadic statements.


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