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 Read in between lines.
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 Dear Illustrious Members
Would it be right to say the way the mind of Jiva works to project the world, 
>>Mind of Jeeva does not work to project the world. In ignorance he is helplessly bound and cannot help it. It is not a choice.

Maya works for the Brhman to project the world?

>>Maya is the Shakti of Brahman. As such there is no action in Brahman but all these seeming world is the effect of maya.
That is Ignorance is at microcosmic level and Maya is at Macro.

>>Maya is not macrocosmic ignorance.Maya is controlled by Brahman and it is his shakti.
Are they both working to veil the same thing?

>> For whom is the veiling? Only for Jeeva because he is under the spell of maya. For Brahman there is no such thing. 

Thank you
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