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Hari om
Appreciate if you can post this

Hari omall 

Havebeen reading the commentaries. And my pranams to all including Sadaji who is aproponent of Vedanta. Also thanks to Ramachandran ji for adding me to thegroup.  

Thisabove mentioned comment made me to write few lines. The Maha Vakya "TatTvam Asi" in a way wrong also and correct also.  

Whichway it is wrong? Let us take the first word 'Tat'. Means 'That'. Generally, indaily life, what we use the word 'That' for? That which is far, which is away,which is remote, Paroksha, from you. The self, the truth, is not thatcategory.  

In factit is your own self, and so it is so near to you. "Near" is alsowrong word. Isavasya says, "Tat doore, Tad Antike". So that way'Tat" is used incorrectly. 'Tvam Asi" is okay, right usage 

Now letus see, why it is right? The word, 'Tat' is used from Vyavaharik -Transactional, plane. In that sense it is right. Because the seeker,mistakingly, feels that, it is "That" , and is far away, remote, andParoksha, and all. So to make him understand, the teacher is using 'Tat'.Though in other words he is mixing up to 'Satta' s. Satta means 'Plane' 

Let meborrow Sada jis quote here, "If I am Brahman, why I am suffering?"The question seems okay for a layman. But it is incorrect in two ways. What arethe two ways? 

Firstof all, there is no "if" in Vedanta. I will tell you that in adifferent story.  There is no question "if I am Brahman". Youare Brahman, whether you agree or not. And that is your true nature 

Secondly,the questioner is mixing two 'Satta" s.  Two different planes. Youcan not mix planes. Like Dream and Waking, we know that it is entirelydifferent. Brahman is Paramarthik satta - Absolute Plane, and 'Suffering' is inVyavaharic Satta -Transactional Plane. We all know that in Brahman, nosuffering or enjoying. in fact, no experience. Just Be. Uses like 'In thatexperience' or 'In that state" are incorrect.  

So 'Tat Tvam Asi" is upadesa Vakya.  Sorry to bring this up, with mylimited knowledge, this is what I think is. 

 Many ofyou are learned and Advanced Vedantins, and I am very blessed to be in thisgroup 

Hari omand Pranams to all 



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