[Advaita-l] Tattvabodha of Adi Sankaracharya - 23

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> Thank you Jayanarayanan for sharing these notes. I have a doubt if I may state and would be grateful
> for any and all responses.
> Brhman is nirguna how can desire exist in Brhman?. If Brhman is shantam, shivam, advaitam where is desire? Dosen't
> Desire lead to karma? 
The standard explanation is that desire is generated due to avidyA or ignorance, which itself is said
to be ultimately unreal when Brahman is known as-is.
The sequence usually given is:
avidyA (ignorance) -> kAma (desire) -> karma (action)
> Thank you.
> Soma
> (Continued from previous post)
> Part III: Analysis of Creation: sRRiShTi vichAra
> . Brahman by Its own
> desire has created the universe (so kAmayata,
> bahusyAm prajAyeyeti - Taittiriya Upanishad)
> and is independent. mAyA is dependent upon
> Brahman for its existence to create and mani-
> fest (brahmASrayA). Thus, Isvara has the power
> of creation through mAyA and is the manifes-
> tation of Brahman in all beings (animate and
> inanimate).

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