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Thank you Jayanarayanan for sharing these notes. I have a doubt if I may state and would be grateful
for any and all responses.
Brhman is nirguna how can desire exist in Brhman?. If Brhman is shantam, shivam, advaitam where is desire? Dosen't
Desire lead to karma? 
Thank you.

(Continued from previous post)

Part III: Analysis of Creation: sRRiShTi vichAra
 . Brahman by Its own
desire has created the universe (so kAmayata,
bahusyAm prajAyeyeti - Taittiriya Upanishad)
and is independent. mAyA is dependent upon
Brahman for its existence to create and mani-
fest (brahmASrayA). Thus, Isvara has the power
of creation through mAyA and is the manifes-
tation of Brahman in all beings (animate and

In the following section, the author
continues the discussion from the point of view
of the total - macrocosm - and deals with
topics such as, the Universe, the relationship
between the individual and the Universe, etc.

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