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Thank you. I got your point.


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> On Sat, 14 Mar 2020, Sudhanshu Shekhar via Advaita-l wrote:
> > I wish to know - do you see it as a historical event? Indra killing some
> > Tripurasur (who had three mouths - by one mouth, he was drinking soma, by
> > second - wine and by third, he was eating food) and getting sin and then
> > distributing one fourth of sin to women AND that is why women get monthly
> > periods.
> >
> > I mean - do you / can you really believe this as an event that has
> happened
> > in past?
> >
> Personally?  I believe it existed in a constructed past not necessarily
> the actual past.  This is I think the difference between mythology and
> history. Both are set in the past but the former is actually concerned
> about the present.  And I believe what the story of Indras battle with
> Vrtra and Vishvarupa is "actually" about is the monsoon rains which end
> the summer drought and make the land fertile again.  As such it happens
> over and over again.
> This is not the same as allegory though.  An allegory disguises a truth in
> a fictional disguise.  This kind of story is to establish correspondences.
> Such correspondences are meta-logical because they are the propositions on
> which logical inferences can be made.
> Hope that made some sense!
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