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Pranams to  all,
I am posting my request in this ‘thread’ as it is referring 'Yogavasishta' and also it is convenient to me, please excuse me if it is not correct. 
Here is a request from a visually challenged  student (I also share my knowledge  in a non-samprathayak manner) of advaita Vedanta. Having finished ‘Prasthanathriya’ and more than 55 ‘Prakarana granthas’ in about 15 years and enjoying most of the benefits of advaita vedanta’, I am keen to get to know about what all ‘Yogavasishta’ tells about advaita Vedanta and closely connected subjects. Therefore,  please  provide me thru email or send me the links to my email after browsing and confirming the following in the order of preference. This is because it is not possible for me to go thru the links myself. I use NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) screen-reader software for coming to know the content of the files. 

1.	Either in the  sequence of the work ‘Yogavasishta’  or ‘Topic-wise’ (Topics, listed by advaita  Vedanta commentators).
2.	Preferable order of formats : Word format (.doc) or text format (.TXT) or PDF (readable with assisted technology) or PDF (image) or any other format (I will try to take the help from my students).

I  cannot handle Whattsapp.
Thanks in advance.
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In the Narada Pancharatra Samhita it is said:
जलबुद्बुदविद्युद्वत्त्रैलोक्यं कृत्रिमं द्विज । ब्रह्मादितृणपर्यन्तं सर्वं मिथ्याइव स्वप्नवत् ॥ १,६.६१ ॥

Everything comprising the Trailokyam, three lokas (the entire creation), from Brahmaa to the lowest creature is mithya, like svapna.

There is another reference, in the  Narada Pancharatra, that is cited in the Sridakshinamurti Stotram Vol I:

अयं प्रपञ्चो मिथ्यैव सत्यं ब्रह्माहमद्वयम् । अत्र प्रमाणं वेदान्ता
गुरवोऽनुभवस्तथा ।। ३५    This verse is found in the Yogavasishtha  and some
other texts too.

In the Brahmasamhita, another Agama text, we have:

द्वैतं नास्तीति  बोधेन मनसो द्वैतनाशनम् |

एतदन्तो हि संसारो ब्रह्मन्नेवं विचारय ||

Here too the dvaita is clearly stated to be imagined by the mind.

In the Brahma Vaivarta purana too it is said:

ब्रह्मादिस्तम्बपर्यन्तं सर्वं मिथ्यैव भूमिप । श्रीकृष्णं भज राधेशं परमात्मानमीश्वरम् ॥ २७ ॥

In the Adhyatmopanishat:

ब्रह्मादिस्तम्बपर्यन्तं मृषामात्रा उपाधयः । ततः पूर्णं स्वमात्मानं पश्येदेकात्मना स्थितम्॥

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