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Tattva Bodha of Adi Sankaracharya  -
A Vedantic Primer: Part 2 (contd.)
(Lecture Notes compiled by Venkat Ganesan from the series of
SVBF Lectures given by Dr. S. YEGNASUBRAMANIAN)
2. Analysis of the Individual - jIva vicAraH
In the discussion on the Analysis of the
Individual - jIvavichAraH, in the previous issue, the
Author showed how the Atman is the witness
or illuminator of the three states of experience
(avasthA) and is different from the five
sheaths (panca koSA) of the body. The Author
proceeds to explain the qualities or attributes
of the Atman, which will be discussed now.
 madIya.n sharIraM madIyAH prANAH madIyaM manashcha
 madIyA buddhirmadIya.n aj~nAnamiti
 svenaiva j~nAyate tadyathA madIyatvena j~nAta.n
 kaTakakuNDala gR^ihAdika.n tadyathA madIyatvena j~nAta.n
 kaTakakuNDalagR^ihAdika.n svasmadbhinna.n tathA
 pa~nchakoshAdika.n svasmadbhinnaM
 madIyatvena j~nAtamAtmA na bhavati ..
(As bangles, ear-ornaments, homes etc. are
known as "mine", but are different from the
owner, so also, the five sheaths which are known
by the Self as "my body, my mind, my prANas,
my mind, my intellect and my ignorance", are
different from the knower and so cannot be the
yathA - just as
kaTakakuNDalagR^ihAdika.n - bangles, ear-ornaments,
homes etc.
madIyatvena j~nAta.n - are known as "mine "
svasmadbhinnaM - and different from the owner
tathA - likewise
pa~nchakoshAdika.n - the five sheaths (and three bodies
and three avasthAs - which are known by the
Self) as
madIya.n sharIraM - My body - annamaya
madIyAH prANAH - My prANas  -  prANamaya
madIyaM manashcha - My  mind  (also)  - manomaya
madIyA buddhiH  - My intellect - vijnAnamaya
madIya.n aj~nAnam - My  Bliss (due to ignorance) - aanandamaya
svenaiva tat j~nAyate - (by oneself - these) are known
svasmadbhinna.n - as different from oneself
AtmA na bhavati - Therefore that does not be-
come the Atman. Why? Because of moha (delusion),
they appear to be mine.
Then the question arises, what is Atman?
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