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> Hari Om,
> Namaste.
> What is the meaning of सम-दृष्टि and    सम-वर्ती?  Is there any difference
> between them?
The common aspect in both the terms is: Equanimity, same-vision,
appropriate behaviour that the circumstance warrants, etc.  Maybe when both
the words are used together, then a difference has to be forged. सर्वत्र
समभावेन वर्ती.  We can say this: samadrishti is with reference to 'sameness
in vision/perception' while sama varti will be 'sameness in action'.
vartanam is acting, performing.  sama drishti need not be attended /
followed by any action. A man could just be sama drishti with respect to
various situations/things/persons he encounters. But sama varti will act
too, if his action is warranted.

A very instructive discourse on 'sameness' is available in the book Divine
Discourses, in the chapter 'Greatness of Shankara’s Life
and Teachings' (Benedictory address delivered, in Kannada, at Mysuru on

Various dimensions of 'sameness' are brought out with illustrations too.
The book can be downloaded free from the link here:


> thanks and regards
> -- durga prasa janaswamy
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