[Advaita-l] Please clarify some terms for me.

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Fri Aug 14 01:07:00 EDT 2020

> You can also use another logic. If there was no mind in deep sleep. How or
> why did we wake up at all? Some dormant capacity was there even in deep
> sleep which leads to a waking mind and waking world arising/getting
> projected from that condition of  "no-mind-deep-sleep".
> Om
> Raghav
Raghavji – PraNAms
I think the above statement is more appropriate. In the deep-sleep state – praanamaya kosha folds into manomaya kosha and manomaya  kosha into vijnanaamaya  kosha – When vijnanamaya folds with all the lower koshas, it is called anandamaya kosha. That is active in the deep-sleep state. When is lacking is homogeneous absence of the subject-object duality, and it may also be called akhandaaakara ajnana vRitti (vRitti implying a modification of the mind). Because of the absence of duality expressed subject-object duality, one is happy since any speck of duality causes suffering – udaramantaram kurute .. Everyone is happy in the deep-sleep state due to the absence of dvaita – but that is not positive happiness that one attains with understanding (for that mind is required) that I am ananda swaruupa.
Also, a few years ago, I had a short experience of Coma. I found out that Coma – experience is different from the deep-sleep experience. During the deep sleep state, when we wake up, we have a subtle feeling that we slept very well. When I came out of Coma, I had no knowledge that I was in Coma. The mind had gone into the even subtler state. 
Hari Om!


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