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> Hari Om,
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> Should Cause (कारण)  and Effect (कार्य) have same level of reality (सम
> सत्ता) ?  Are there any exceptions?

Though the rule is that the C and E have to be in the same level of
reality, there are exceptions. Shankara, in the BSB gives example of a
certain dream being indicative of an effect that is to be realized in the
waking. He cites the Chandogya shruti where it is said 'if a man, in the
course of a certain endeavor, sees a sumangalli (a woman who has a living
husband), he succeeds in that endeavor.'

We have instances of mantropadesha had in a dream, becoming the subject
matter of the japa of that mantra in the waking after that particular

Srinivasa Ramanujan used to get solutions to many of his mathematical
problems in dream (by the grace of Narasimha, as he has said) and the
solutions did not get negated in the waking.

In advaita, the Veda, though belonging to the vyavaharika, is admitted to
produce unsublatable Self-knowledge.


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> -- durga prasad
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