[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 07:49:19 EDT 2020

Namaste Chandramouliji
Yes I know the in-line replies get jumbled up sometimes. But you got it
right w.r.t. my words.

On Sat, 8 Aug, 2020, 1:11 PM H S Chandramouli, <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Namaste Raghav Ji,
> Please excuse me if I have made a mistake in attributing to you what I
> have done here. I always have a problem in understanding who is saying what
> in in-line responses.
> I presume the following statement is yours
> <<  You mean the vyAvahArika entities (kaaryas) are all in tAdAtmya
> sambandha
> with their upAdAna kAraNam  >>.
> The answer is a clear NO. As per Advaita SidhAnta, vyAvahArika entities
> (kaaryas) can and do have a kArya-kAraNa sambandha with their upAdAna
> kAraNam in many cases. Cause and Effect sambandha.Not necessarily always
> tAdAtmya sambandha. Milk transforming into curds is one such case. They do
> not exist simultaneously at the same time. They are observed or experienced
> separately from each other. TadAtmya sambandha is spoken of only in those
> cases where two entities originate simultaneously from an identical cause.
> In such cases, the two entities are never observed separately from each
> other. They are always experienced or observed together. Example is a red
> rose. In advaita (and mImAmsa), substance and quality have tadAtmya
> sambandha.
> Regards

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