[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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> Pranams.
> Reg  <<  The difference in quality of Milk and curd must be defined
> because of the difference of asamavAyI-kAraNa >>,
> I think your response is from the nyAya viewpoint since you keep on
> bringingup samavAyi and asamavAyi kASraNa. Advaita Sidhanta does not
> conform to the nyAya view in this regard.

Facts don't worry about what you accept or not.
Fact is that there are different things needed to produce anything and they
are divided as upAdAna and nimitta by vedAntin-s, others tend to say those
samavAyI, asamavAyI and nimitta kAraNa.
vedAntin-s tend to throw asmavAyI in the nimitta category.
Now, if you think that just by using different terminology, things have
changed and asamavAyI kAraNa has been thrown out by mImAMsaka-s and
vedAntin-s ; then good luck with that.
I'll suggest people to understand what and how actually differs, instead of
claiming that things differ and the difference is rigid.

It accepts the mImAmsa (bhAtta)
> view.

No. It doesn't wholly accept that even.
Using some terminology and some relations as tAdAtmya, etc., doesn't mean
we accept everything.
There are many points where we differ regarding kArya-kAraNa.

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