[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 07:27:32 EDT 2020

Hari Om ji

 <<So to account for this waking memory of
> those avidyA vRttis that exist in deep sleep (but are not experienced at
> that time),
avidyAvRtti is a type of perception,  what we know as sAxi-pratyaxa.
This generates saMskAra.
And then we remember pleasure, ignorance, etc.
You don't remebmber those vRtti-s. You remember pleasure, etc.

The last portion hints lack of understanding where you say that "but are
not experienced at that time". Here it appears that you are talking about
lack of experience of avidyAvRtti-s and not pleasure, etc. That's wrong.

I understand the distinction here. Since the avidyA vRttis are there, we
should say "the vRttis are experienced" but being sAxI pratyaxa ; we do not
experience pleasure and ignorance then since that needs antaHkaraNa. The
vRttis leave a saMskAra which is recollected (smRti) upon waking, as
pleasure and ignorance.

Thank you for the other inputs as well. Your use of technical words and
analysis is precise and insightful;  your language has not been an
impediment for me.  The very nature of the subject needs discipline in use
of technical words, since it's all about shabda pramANam.



that very antaHkaraNa-saMskAra-avacchina-avidyA provides the upAdAna.



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