[Advaita-l] Is empathy a function of ahamkara?

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Sat Aug 8 04:37:13 EDT 2020


> The answer is a clear NO. As per Advaita SidhAnta, vyAvahArika entities
> (kaaryas) can and do have a kArya-kAraNa sambandha with their upAdAna
> kAraNam in many cases.

kArya-kAraNa-bhAva is not a relation.
You need another relation from those which are clearly defined by others
and accepted or corrected by vedAntin-s.

> Cause and Effect sambandha.Not necessarily always
> tAdAtmya sambandha. Milk transforming into curds is one such case.

I appreciate that you presented your views here. It has helped me
understand from where your perception arises.
Milk is not upAdAna-kAraNa of curd, it's avayava-s are. And they are still
undestroyed. The difference in quality of Milk and curd must be defined
because of the difference of asamavAyI-kAraNa.

> They do
> not exist simultaneously at the same time. They are observed or experienced
> separately from each other.

This observation is correct, but doesn't apply to the upAdAna which is
common to Milk and Curd, both.

> TadAtmya sambandha is spoken of only in those
> cases where two entities originate simultaneously from an identical cause.

Half correct.
No need for things to be generated simultaneously.
Red and Black color arising at different times in the same pot have

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