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> Did madhawacharya say that people who believe in abedha or bedhaabedha
> go to eternal hell?

In the Ishavasyopanishad bhashya for the 3rd mantra Madhvacharya has cited
a verse from a Purana that says 'those who are turned away from Hari will
reach horrible hellish worlds.'   Expatiating on the Bhashya,
Jayatirtha's Teeka says: those who hold the jiva is 'nitya shuddha buddha
mukta svabhavah' are those who have the wrong understanding of the jiva and
hence they are meant in the bhashya as those who reach such regions.

It is quite evident that this is a reference to Advaita jnana.  The
expression प्रत्यगात्मभूतं नित्यशुद्धमुक्तस्वभावं ब्रह्मेति ।   occurs in
the Advaita Bhashya-s and glosses over 60 times.  Thus, according to him
the Atman should not be deemed to be nitya, shuddha (dosha rahita), buddha
(sentient/chaitanyatmakam), mukta (liberated).  It would be proper indeed
only if the jiva is sa-dosha, jaDa and bound by nature.


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