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Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 22:04:04 EDT 2020

> Reading books from here & there, cursory glance of
> vedanta terminology from online sources etc. is not a good start.
> Take one prakaraNa grantha like tattva bodha etc. are delve deep into it.
> Though at this age of yours, I don't advise anybody to study vedanta.
> A firm and sound foundation of sanskrit is required.

Namaste Sriram garu,

It's very important as you said to patiently and systematically study
prakaraNa granthas like tattva bodha and atma bodha, vivekachudAmaNi etc
through teachers in the Advaita tradition rather than jump to Advaita
siddhi and laghu chandrika/gauDa brahmAnandiya etc. Study of sanskrit is
important but it can be done in parallel and I find that it's not essential
to first study laghu Siddhanta kaumudi etc before the basic introductory
texts of vedAnta.

But generally speaking, I personally would be quite happy to see younger
people show interest in vedanta. Their minds can better grasp the key ideas
of Advaita as well as show commitment to brahmacharya which is quite
helpful for deeper assimilation of Advaita. Personally I am grateful to
have been exposed to Vedanta and the allied practises of dhyaanam etc.,
from respected teachers/sannyasis, around college days. The impressions
created at that time will stay with one all life long even if one enters

Besides as the arthavAda goes, vivaahe vidyAnAshah - upon marriage there is
loss of all knowledge!! (Ok it's just arthavAda, but still.... )  Better to
begin early.... :)


> First study sanskrit, few kavyas, tarka sangraha, laghu siddhanta kaumudi
> then
> go for vedanta study.
> regs,
> sriram

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