[Advaita-l] Keep the inner cool and the world is cool for you

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Thank you for sharing that.
Sri Ramana Maharshi was known to reference Yoga Vasishtha on several

He once tells a devotee Sri Balaram Reddy a similar idea. In
his reminiscences, we read -
"It was then the month of May, the hottest time of the year. I explained to
Bhagavan how delightfully pleasant and cool the climate of Almora was,
especially compared to the present weather in Tiruvannamalai. Bhagavan
said, "The real coolness is within. If we have that coolness it will be
cool wherever we go."

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> In the Jivanmukti viveka, Swami Vidyaranya cites a verse from the Laghu
> Yoga Vasishtha that comes as a clarion call for deep contemplation:
> अन्तःशीतलातायां तु लब्धायां शीतलं जगत् |
> अन्तस्तृष्णोपतप्तानां दावदाहमयं जगत् ||
> [To those who have gained internal composure, the whole world becomes cool
> and calm, while, to persons burnt by the flames of internal desires, the
> world is one huge conflagration.]
> What the world is is decided by what the mind is. Another dimension of this
> is:
> दृष्टिं ज्ञानमयीं कृत्वा पश्येद् ब्रह्मयमं जगत् |  (Aparokshanubhuti)
> Om Tat Sat
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