[Advaita-l] The story of Hanuman as told in the Narada Purana

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On Thu, 30 Jul 2020, V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l wrote:

> It is well known that in the popular Hanuman Chalisa there is the name
> 'Sankara's son'.  He has also said that in the Vinayapatrika
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman_Chalisa
> The Shiva Purana too says so, as reported.

Yes in Northern parts of Bharat this is the common belief though I've 
noticed South Indians do not tend to think so.  Hanuman and Bhairava are 
said to be the Dvarapalas of Shiva Bhagavan and their images are placed in 
front of every Shivalaya in the North.  In my puja during this Shravana 
masa, Hanuman and Bhairava (actually Dattatreya in our case for historical 
reasons) as well as Ganesh, Devi, Nandi, Kurma and Ganga are worshipped as 
parshads before the main abhisheka.

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