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KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jul 25 23:03:44 EDT 2019

Dear Members,                         Many of the Jains in my place adopt the philosophy of 'Uttam Kshama', I never saw them getting irritated, o shouting/loosing temper, they always takes what ever come infront of them just like saint Ramakrishna. Off course, by adopting this you may loose materialistic things which you earned, how ever you gains eternal peace.
Successfulness of meditation on a particular diety  who is not visible at all depends on how we can still the mind to focus with in. Today speaking tree article by Sant Rajnender singh expalins  this in detail.
When the painful events caused by others are experienced by us will lead certainly to a choice,  which can make mind to focus within. If mind is calm & pleasant we can cultivate forgiveness otherwise it is very difficult to practise uttam kshama. Medical researchers are finding as many benefits to forgiveness which has a positive effect on our brains.  There are many scientific evidences for anger causes strain and stress related ailments. Brain Scans & medical tests show that exposure to the boys own cortisol & stress hormones can cause a build-up in the brains bood vessels and cENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (CNS). The pressure on CNS can cause stroke or permanent damage to parts of the brain.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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