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One's own दीक्षागुरुः should be worshipped on this day. Those who are initiated in shrIvidya, should perform गुरुमण्डलार्चना .

It was the opportunity given by the lotus feet  to me to visit near by peeth when ever possible and it was happened to me on the occasion of Guru pournima to go to the peeth yesterday by the grace of the Guru and witnessed the 'Guru Mandala Archana'. It was really a wonderful and happy to see everyone present there irrespective of age/sex/greed doing the worshipping of the Guru Paduka with so much enthusiasm  and dedication. There was a procedure also for this in the form of Book. All present (surprisingly even the kids of age less than 12 yrs) were simple doing yoni Mudra gestures with so perfection just like that. What a rich tradition, practice established by the vankhaneshwar Maha Raj. No one is asking any one, things are happening just like that. I feel One should visit on the auspicious occasion days.

I can get a copy of  " Guru Paduka worshipping' book If any one requires.

Coming to One's own Diksha Guru's perspective who are initiated in Srividya Sampradaya:

The SriGuru after doing the Shaktipath to the needy disciple, he lives in & around of the disciple in subtle form. Since he has bestowed the Diksha by gifting the Mantra, it means that he has given everything to the disciple and it is  due to the fact All i.e The Mantra Diksha - Deity- Guru- Worshipping are same and there is no difference.

It can be simply understood by the analogy Mantra is nothing but the form of SriGuru, Since he has donated the mantra , it means he has given himself also to the disciple. Sri Guru means, he himself, his wife, his sons, his daughters which was told to me before the diksha was taken long time back.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

 On Wednesday, 17 July, 2019, 10:55:19 AM IST, Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:

vyAsa pourNami is only of little importance for grihasthas

One's own दीक्षागुरुः should be worshipped on this day. Those who are initiated in shrIvidya, should perform
गुरुमण्डलार्चना or else one's own acharya who taught us Veda / Bhagavat Gita / Upanishads etc. should be

Bhagavan Vyasa Himself says that He gets तृप्ति and says that when one's immediate guru / acharya is
worshipped, it reaches Him only.

मम जन्मदिने सम्यक् पूजनीयः प्रयत्नतः आषाढ शुक्लपक्षे तु पूर्णिमायां गुरौ तथा पूजनीयो विशेषेण,
वस्त्राभरणधेनुभिः दक्षिणाभिः सुपुष्ठाभिः मत्स्वरूपं प्रपूजयेत् । एवं कृतं त्वया विप्र मत्स्वरूपस्य दर्शनं  भविष्यति,
न संदेहो मयैवोक्तं द्विजोत्तम ।

So, we should worship our own guru by offering him new clothes, dakshina etc.

The traditional & orthodox grihasthas also observe चातुर्मास्यव्रतम् where some selected food items
should be avoided like spinach, curd, milk and certain pulses.

Thus, व्यास पूर्णिमा is for all irrespective of one's ashrama-niyamas.


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