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On Tue, 16 Jul 2019, Raghav Kumar Dwivedula via Advaita-l wrote:

> On a different note -
> I heard a vaidika who is a vaadyaar teaching in a Tamil Nadu Gurukulam say
> that vyAsa pourNami is only of little importance for grihasthas and it's
> traditiobally regarded as meaningful only for sannyAsins. Is this strange
> idea prevalent only in Tamil Nadu?

For Sannyasis the Ashadha purnima is the beginning of chaturmasa vrata 
when those who are parivrajas (wanderers) have to settle in one place. 
Sannyasis are the real Advaitins, the rest of us however much we might 
know are amateurs. So it is of great importance for them to recall the 
Sadguru Paramapara today. For grhasthas, Chaturmasa begins on Prabodhini 
Ekadashi and arguably that is a more important day for us in practical 
terms.  But "only a little importance" is a stretch to far in my opinion. 
We also have an obligation to pay respects to the sanatana lineage from 
Narayana to Veda Vyas to Shankaracharya to the acharyas of the past and 
finally to our own acharyas because we will be the ones to keep that 
parampara going into the future.

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