[Advaita-l] Guru Adds Colour to Life

KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jul 15 23:14:41 EDT 2019

Source: TIMES, Speaking Tree, Author: Anandamurti GurumaDear Members,                         Guru's grace on the disciples happens on its own and not by the individuals efforts. To get this one should have humility and gratitude. It can be simply achieved by single minded focus  with humbleness and there by removing bondages/ignorance. The ego of the individual can easily cut by the guru if you strive to serve the lotus feet with tranquility with out any selfish interests. Whenever Grace happens, it happens automatically, for this one should be thankful and prepare the mind pure, humble, loving, dispassionate & unwavering faith.                Guru is like a boat for crossing the river and no one will hand onto the boat after crossing the river and we certainly do not worship the boat. One should always keep serving the lotus feet and one fine day bliss of the guru automatically bestows the disciple with divine grace. If the mind is with some attachments, how can it will look for the divine?, It is only on a clean canvas a good painting can be made. Paining can't be made on a dirty canvas. Guru adds colours to life if our mind is clean. Getting without deserving is nothing but the blessing.
Learned members pls put your viewsSri Guru Padaravinadrpana Mastukameswara

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